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At Growtwitch, we provide real followers from real Twitch accounts. This means that the followers you get are genuine and not bots. And we claim many times that our topmost priority is safety and quality. Therefore, we never ask for a password or any other personal information from you

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We guarantee followers bought from us are non-drop. If they do drop, we will refill them within a month

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Stripe is the primary payment gateway we offer. It is trusted and secure card payment processor

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Chat and Email support are available 24/7. No matter which support option you choose, you will receive a reply within 12 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other queries feel free to connect with us
Security & Quality is the priority of Growtwitch.
And yes, it is safe to buy Twitch followers from Growtwitch. Also, we use the most secure payment gateway in the market
We have delivered thousands of orders but have not received customer feedback that their accounts are banned or suspended.
It’s simpler, and growing your followers isn’t any more secure. When you place an order, you’ll submit the order form and input the username of your Twitch account.
Your account’s password isn’t needed, nor are they ever required. We only require your channel username, and we’ll take care of everything from there.
As soon as we receive payment, we will start working on your order instantly, and within 24 hours, you will start receiving all your followers. Because we believe in security & Quality first, we only send some of the followers in one go. We drip feed for bulk followers quantity. You can track your order on the order page, or our live support chat is always one message away
Everyone Claims, but we prove that we provide 100% real Twitch followers from real accounts.
No. Buying Twitch Followers is not illegal, but make sure you buy real Twitch followers from reputable service providers like Growtwitch.
It’s simple to buy followers from Growtwitch; all you have to provide is your Twitch channel username. Nothing else we ask for. And Your account’s password isn’t needed
Yes, our company has a refund policy. If we cannot fulfill your service within the indicated delivery period, we will provide a full refund. Kindly see our Refund Policy for more information
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How To Buy Twitch Followers ?

Twitch, an American video live-streaming platform, has taken the gaming world by storm. It allows users to stream video games, music, and other content. Launched in 2011, Twitch has grown into one of the largest online communities for gamers and content creators.

Twitch Interactive, Inc., an subsidiary, operates Twitch.

The platform has millions of users and offers a variety of features, including live streaming, chat rooms, and a vibrant community of followers and fans. With over 30 million daily active users and millions of monthly broadcasters, Twitch has become one of the largest communities of content creators and fans in the world.

Whether you are a gamer, a creative, or a fan, Twitch is the place to be if you want to connect with like-minded individuals and create unique experiences together. So, join the party and see what all the fuss is about!

What Are Twitch Followers?

Twitch followers follow your channel on the live streaming platform, Twitch. People who follow your channel will receive notifications when you go live or post a new video. They become a part of your core audience and are essentially your subscribers.

Why streamers should buy Twitch followers from

Streaming on Twitch can be a highly competitive process, and many streamers look for ways to stand out and improve their visibility on the platform. One way to achieve this is by buying Twitch followers from websites like

Buying followers can help streamers build a large and dedicated following quickly, improving their chances of being discovered by new viewers and increasing their engagement with their audience.

Buying followers from growtwitch offers several benefits for streamers. They provide high-quality and real followers who are active on the platform. You can choose the package as per your requirement for your channel.

Buying followers is simple and fast; no password is required, and they also offer 24/7 support.

Key Reasons Why You Should Choose Growtwitch to Buy Twitch Followers:

  • Fast Delivery: GrowTwitch offers speedy delivery. After receiving the payment, they start working on the client’s orders.
  • Non-Drop: They guarantee that the followers you buy from the website will be non-drop. In case the followers drop off, they fill them within a month.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: The website provides a secure payment gateway. Their payment gateway is the trusted PayPal, which ensures secure transactions.
  • 24/7 Support: They provide 24/7 customer service. You can take any assistance from them through Chat and Email with the assurance of a response. Whatever support you need, they will reply to your message or Email within 12 hours.
  • Guaranteed Refund: The website offers a refund guarantee to their clients in case they fail to deliver the followers in 36 hours.

Why should I have followers on Twitch?

Having followers on Twitch is essential for several reasons. First, it helps you build a community of dedicated fans who will support and interact with you during your streams. This can increase engagement and help you grow your channel over time.

Second, having a large number of followers can also help you attract new viewers and increase your visibility on the platform. Finally, having a large following can also increase your chances of being discovered by Twitch, as it often promotes channels with large followers.

Why Do People Buy Twitch Followers?

You must be thinking, Why Should You Buy Twitch Followers? What is the need for it? There are several reasons why people choose to buy Twitch followers.

One of the most common reasons is to quickly increase the number of followers on their channel and establish their channel as a popular and trusted content source. Streamers should consider buying Twitch followers because it can significantly benefit their channel and help them reach their goals.

Streamers who buy followers can also expect an increase in engagement and the number of followers they receive organically.

Steps to Buy Cheap Twitch Followers

The process of buying Twitch followers is straightforward. It is essential to purchasing real Twitch followers to ensure that the followers are real people who are interested in the channel’s content. Some websites may offer fake followers, but these followers are often bots and will not provide any real engagement or benefits to the channel. Then How to buy real Twitch followers?

To buy cheap twitch followers, streamers should visit a reputable website, such as They should then select the package that best suits their needs and purchase. Once the purchase is complete, the followers will be delivered to their channel within a few hours.

Follow the given steps to buy Twitch followers from

  • Go to
  • Select "Twitch Followers" from the service list
  • Select the package you want.
  • Enter your channel username and email address.
  • Confirm your email to create account (This helps in tracking your orders).
  • Choose a payment gateway or use wallet option
  • Once you have confirmed all order information, click "Proceed to checkout" to complete transaction

How can I grow followers on my Twitch channel?

There are several ways to grow your Twitch followers. First, make sure to stream regularly and consistently. This will help you build a dedicated following and improve your visibility on the platform.

Streamers can also grow their followers on Twitch by creating quality content, promoting their channel on social media, and interacting with their followers. Streamers should also consider collaborating with other Twitch users and hosting giveaways or contests to encourage engagement and attract new followers.

Here are 5 steps to grow your Twitch channel:

1. Set Goals

It’s best to approach your streaming like a business if you want to promote your Twitch channel. Setting goals for yourself and creating a plan for achieving those goals is a beautiful way to get started with this strategy. Your objectives should center on increasing your Twitch presence by gaining more viewers and followers.

2. Stream Consistently

You must continue streaming regularly if you wish to build a devoted audience. It is straightforward and the ideal approach to deliver information to your audience when you are available to watch. You must create a schedule and share it with your audience. This fantastic technique builds viewers’ trust and promotes frequent viewing.

3. Offer Something Valuable to Your Audience

Your Twitch channel is like a business. So, you need to consider your streams, products, audience, and clients. And hence, you need to provide something valuable to your audience so that they stay hooked to your channel. Your content should be strong enough that they want to see you every time.

4. Always Play the Right Game

This is a crucial strategy. You must constantly play a suitable game to draw people to your streaming and expand your Twitch presence. It’s essential to strike a balance between playing the games you enjoy and what your audience enjoys. Always stay away from such games that nobody wants to watch.

5. Interact with Your Audience

Interacting with your audience is a terrific way to stand out on Twitch. This is because Twitch users want to get to know you and interact with other users in your audience in addition to watching you play. One of the best methods to gain followers and keep viewers returning to your streaming for more is to interact with your audience. Your Twitch channel will grow as a result.

Benefits of Growing Twitch Followers for Free

Growing Twitch followers for free has several benefits, including:

  • Increased credibility and social proof: Having many genuine followers on Twitch boosts your credibility and makes you appear more trustworthy.
  • Increased visibility: Having more followers can make your channel more visible to others, increasing the chances of your content being seen by a larger audience.
  • Better engagement: Real followers are likelier to engage with your content, leave comments, and participate in chat.
  • More opportunities: With a larger audience, you may have more opportunities to collaborate with other streamers, secure brand deals, or participate in sponsored content.
  • Authenticity : Growing followers organically helps maintain the authenticity of your brand and avoids any potential consequences from using bots or fake followers.
  • Improved search ranking: The more followers and engagement you have, the more likely your channel is to rank higher in search results, making it easier for people to discover your content.
  • Better community: Finally, growing your following can help build a stronger, more engaged community around your content, fostering a positive and supportive environment for you and your viewers.

In summary, growing Twitch followers for free takes time and effort, but the benefits are well worth it in the long run.


In conclusion, buying Twitch followers can be an excellent investment for streamers looking to grow their channel and increase their reach. Not only does it help in boosting the visibility of their channel, but it also helps in attracting new followers and building credibility.

By purchasing high-quality and genuine followers from reliable sources, streamers can create a solid and engaged community of followers who support them in their streaming journey. With a growing community, the streamer is sure to experience increased engagement, better brand recognition, and overall success on Twitch. Hence, buying Twitch followers is a wise choice for streamers looking to make the most of their streaming experience.